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The value in creating unique content

14 Jun 2020: The content you create is constantly competing for attention whether it’s on a website, blog, social media or in the search engines. In order to stand out you need to differentiate yourself, and one of the most important ways to do that is by creating unique content that’s recognisably from you.

How to add a logo to your doTERRA image in Canva

23 Apr 2020: When sharing your Aromapix images online we always recommend that you, at the very least, include your logo. This ensures that you receive any recognition from shares and helps to enforce your brand in the mind of your viewers.

Six steps to successful social media branding

22 Jan 2020: Since the explosion of social media, branding has become vital in amplifying a brand’s identity, voice, and personality within the digital space. Read on to discover my six must do steps to set you up for social media success.

How niche marketing can make your essential oil business stand out from the crowd

15 Jan 2020: You can't be everything to everyone is a common expression. And it's no truer than in the business world. Let’s face it most industries are saturated with established businesses as well as brand new start ups. Even our own essential oil space has many, many wellness advocates. So how can you set yourself apart and ensure your offering is cutting through the masses? Two words: niche marketing.

Copy space explained

2 Dec 2019: Copy space literally means leaving space in an image so “copy” aka "text" can be added to the image. For example, you may want to add your logo, a headline or a call to action.