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23 Apr 2020

How to add a logo to your doTERRA image in Canva

By Sophie Wegat

When sharing your Aromapix images online we always recommend that you, at the very least, include your logo. This ensures that you receive any recognition from shares and helps to enforce your brand in the mind of your viewers.

Canva is an excellent tool to do this and, as a bonus, it offers both free and paid subscriptions. It enables anyone to create gorgeous, professional images with no design or Photoshop skills. 

Adding a logo is really straightforward, simply follow these seven steps. 

Step 1

Visit Canva.com and - if you haven't already - create an account. There are many advantages of a paid subscription, but you can also do all of this with a free account. 

Step 2

Select the appropriate size for your graphic. When sharing on Instagram and Facebook I tend to select the generic “Social Media” option which is 1080 x 1080 pixels. This will open a standard template for you to start editing.

Step 3

Navigate to the “Uploads” button in the left menu and then upload your image either by dragging and dropping it onto the images frame or by clicking the “Upload an image or video” button and navigating to where your file is located on your device. 

Step 4

Resize your image to fit your template. You have the option of just resizing or even cropping the image and just using a portion of it.

Step 5

Upload your logo in the same way you uploaded your image.

Step 6

Adjust the size and position of your logo on your image. 

Step 7

Share in your usual manner.