15 Jan 2020

How niche marketing can make your essential oil business stand out from the crowd

By Sophie Wegat

You can't be everything to everyone is a common expression. And it's no truer than in the business world. Let’s face it most industries are saturated with established businesses as well as brand new start ups. Even our own essential oil space has many, many wellness advocates. So how can you set yourself apart and ensure your offering is cutting through the masses? Two words: niche marketing.

What is niche marketing?

Simply put, niche marketing is the act of focusing your business and message on a smaller, specialised section of your industry, in this case the essential oil industry. So rather than marketing to everyone who has ever used essential oils you hone in and target a particular group of essential oil users. For example mothers of babies and young children. Alternatively individuals interested in natural solutions for their emotional health.

Nearly every market can be broken down into narrower niches. Some of the most common ways to define a niche are based on:

  • Demographic (gender, age, income, education level) 
  • Geographic location 
  • Psychographic data (personality, opinions, values, interests, attitudes and lifestyles)
  • Quality (premium, high, moderate, low, cheap)
  • Spending habits (premium, mid-range, discount, wholesale)

By focusing on a niche audience your marketing can become more laser focused, which is more effective and definitely a lot easier. Let’s face it marketing essential oils to everyone is going to be a lot harder than marketing essential oils to individuals with an interest in essential oils and skin care. By understanding your niche and their needs you are able to speak directly to them in and have a greater chance of attracting their attention and signing them up in your team.

The benefits of niche marketing

Here are some more benefits of focusing on niche marketing in your essential oil business:

  • You can position yourself as an expert and authority in your essential oil niche.
  • It is easier to develop your message, content and tone of voice.
  • You will have less competition, especially if you find a gap in the market that is underserved. For example focusing on men in the essential oil space is relatively new.
  • You can focus your marketing budget on specific channels and spaces.
  • Niche marketing can resonate more powerfully with the people who come into contact with you. 

Niche marketing examples in essential oil businesses

There are so many essential oil niches you could create. Here are just some of them, in no particular order:

  • Low tox homes/cleaning
  • Gut health
  • Managing emotions with oils
  • Animal and pet health
  • Holistic healthcare
  • Naturopathy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hosting classes and workshops
  • Enrolling online
  • Building a business
  • Soaps, skincare and “purefume”
  • Personal development
  • Pre and post natal support
  • Environmental focus
  • Essential oils for men
  • Essential oils in food

Creating your niche

So how do you find your niche in the essential oil space? Start by looking at yourself. What are your interests and qualifications? Can they translate into a specialised area? For example, I have friends who are naturopaths, psychologists, yoga teachers and speech therapists who all took their interest in essential oils and used that to create their niche oil business. My focus is very much on essential oils and emotions, especially how they can support individuals on the autism spectrum. 

Do you have a passion you’d like to explore? Are you a new mum with many new mum friends who want to use less chemicals on their children and in their homes? Are you a fitness guru who swears by the oils to support you before, during and after exercise? Are you an avid pet lover who knows the benefits of essential oils on animals? Once you’ve decided on your niche you’re set to start researching your audience and begin developing your marketing strategy.

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