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1 May 2020

Earn free images

By Sophie Wegat

Hello there! 👋

We are really happy to announce subscribers can get up to 30 extra images/mth for free simply by inviting friends to Aromapix!

So how does it work?

As a subscriber, invite your team members or friends to join Aromapix, and for each one who joins we’ll give you both five free images per month. You can invite up to six people which gives you a whopping 30 free extra images per month.

We’ve always loved the team support and sharing ethos of doTERRA and had been looking for a way to do something similar to support you.

With six successful invites and paying as little as $8 per month, you’ll be able to download 40 images per month!

How do I invite?

Log into your Aromapix dashboard (or join on our $8 a month plan), and click on “Invite a Friend”. There’s three ways you can send Invites:

  • Share on Facebook
  • Share via email
  • Copy the link
  • If on mobile - share on Messenger

Once you’ve invited your friends you can check in on your referral status in your dashboard. Encourage them to share with their teams and everyone is a winner. 👌🤸‍♂️

Looking to get started? Signup here.

Thanks so much for sharing the Aromapix love. 🥰