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12 Feb 2020

Create an easy infographic for Valentine’s Day

By Sophie Wegat

With Valentines Day just around the corner I thought I’d share a really quick and easy graphic I created to share on my social media.

As Valentine’s Day is associated with romance I decided to create an infographic sharing some diffuser blends featuring rose essential oil.

After searching I went with a really simple image of doTERRA’s Rose Essential Oil sitting next to a red rose on a white acrylic background. I felt the oil and rose were stunning enough on their own and I could add details in Canva.

This is the image I went with:

I then went into Canva and created a new file with a resolution of 800 x 1000 pixels, which I find works well for infographics, uploaded my image and dropped it on the page. I adjusted the image so that it filled the entire page and tweaked it a little as I want it to sit towards to bottom of the page.

Next up was deciding on the headline and fonts. Being Valentine’s Day I felt a script font would convey the message I was sharing. After trying a few fonts I settled on Playlist Script, which I then coloured a deep red to match the red of the rose and the bottle.

The subhead was more informational so I went with Lato Hairline in caps which works really well with Playlist Script. I kept that black as I want the focus to be on the headline.

At this size I like to include four diffuser blends. There’s enough for some choice but I can still make sure they are legible on various sized devices. I keep the text and fonts simple yet elegant - Lato Bold in caps for the heading and Lato for the body.

As a rule of thumb I find two two font families with some variation in weight ensures a graphic looks cohesive. I play with the font sizing, spacing and line heights until I’m happy with the result.

When I initially added the image I made sure to leave enough room to add our logo to the bottom. I add that now.

It’s looking good but there’s still something missing. I navigate in Canva to their elements folder and right there is the perfect illustration of some love hearts.

I make them the same colour as the headline and then move them around until I’m happy with their positioning. I also make sure they’re sitting behind the logo and text. I reduce their transparency to 8% and voila! A beautiful infographic I can start sharing to promote Valentine’s Day.