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22 Jan 2020

Six steps to successful social media branding

By Sophie Wegat

Branding is all of the ways you establish an image of yourself/your business in your customers’ eyes. Branding has always been an important part of marketing. However, since the explosion of social media, branding has become vital in amplifying a brand’s identity, voice, and personality within the digital space.

Read on to discover my six must do steps to set you up for social media success.

1. Create a consistent image 

A consistent image in your marketing is the first step to successful social media branding. Using a consistent logo, colours and fonts ensures that your audience will recognise you across all the different platforms that you post. 

It's also important to create a consistent bio or blurb that you can share across your social media platforms. Do keep in mind that you can tailor the length and message to suit the platform just ensure that your audience has a consistent experience wherever they’re following you. 

2. Create a unique, authentic voice

Whether you’re a business or an individual your voice should sound the same across all your social media platforms. This voice also needs to reflect the image you’re conveying. For example, if you’re a doctor educating people about essential oils you may choose to be authoritative, informative and helpful. Alternatively if you’re a yoga teacher, sharing the oils, you may prefer a voice that is friendly, bright and approachable.

Whatever voice you choose it's important that you use an authentic voice. By this I mean focus on being honest, open and and relatable. People trust what they believe is true, so the more true and more real you can make your messaging, the greater impact it will have.

3. Create templates for faster posting

Social media by its very nature moves fast. In order for you to share often and stay on brand create some pre-made templates that are ready and waiting to be customised quickly and easily whenever you want to share. 

4. Decide where to be active

There’s an old adage “you can't be everything to everyone”. The same applies to social media platforms. Do some research and find out the top two or three platforms your audience visit and focus on them. It's better to show up regularly and consistently on a few than be sporadic and off message on many. 

Generally speaking in the essential oil space the 2-3 top social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. By all means test other platforms but measure the success and ditch them if they're not performing.

5. Customise your content for the social media platform

Users interact with different social media platforms differently. So it's important to understand your audience on each platform and tailor your content to suit. 


You would be hard pressed to find someone who isn't on Facebook. It's the perfect place to chat to your followers and engage them in a conversation. Don't forget to include a stunning eye-catching image to grab their attention. 

Learn more about image dimensions on Facebook.


Instagram is all about beautiful photos. Your images must be able to capture a users attention in order to deliver your message. A successful Instagram campaign requires high quality professional images. Consider taking those images into a design program such as Canva to add your unique message and branding. 

Learn more about image dimensions for Instagram.


As with the other platforms, offering high-performing content on Pinterest will always be your best chance at success. Pinterest is different than the other social media platforms in that it has a number of different content types that can help you promote your business. The most important in the essential oil space are DIY’s, Recipes and Product Promotions. Pins utilising high quality images are vital. 

Learn more about image dimensions on Pinterest

6. Create a content calendar and post frequently

How many times have you visited a business’s social media page to find one or two posts and then months, or even years, of... nothing? Sadly, this is common for many starting out on social media. If you want to build a solid, long-term relationship with your audience you have to show up and post consistently. 

Social media success depends on consistently sharing engaging content. So how often can you post without overwhelming your audience? To a degree it's dependent on your industry and audience. You’ll need to test and find out your optimal posting frequency to build your content marketing strategy.

As a guide here's a good starting point: 

  • Facebook: A couple of updates per day
  • Instagram: Once per day
  • Pinterest: From 3 to 30 times a day

Content Calendar

A fabulous tool to help you stay on top of your socials is a Content Calendar. It could be as simple as a spreadsheet or you can test drive one of the ones below:

So there you have it, these 6 steps, along with images from our stunning essential oil image library, will have you well on your way to social media success.