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Thousands of marketing-ready doTERRA images

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We have thousands of doTERRA images in a variety of styles and combinations. All our images are Instagram and Facebook ready.

Powerful search to find your ideal image

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Quickly and easily search our comprehensive image library and find images to suit your marketing message.

Every doTERRA product

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We have images of every* doTERRA product. This means you can promote all of doTTERA’s products even if you don’t own them all yet. *Excluding trial and one time promotional products.

Perfect resource for building online

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Use our doTERRA images to support your social media and online classes. Our images have space for you to add your own logo or message.

Earn up to 30 free images per month

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New Invite your team members or friends to join Aromapix, and for each one who joins, we’ll give you both five extra images per month, up to a limit of 30 extra images per month for you.

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Updated: 3 Mar 2020

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